Jun 5, 2014

Coppertone Clearlysheer Sunscreen Review

I grew up in Belgium. It rains every day there, we see the sun once a month.  Lucky for Coppertone, I moved to Arizona, where summers last from January till December, give or take a week or two. So there isn't any Bzz campaign better for me right now.
I receive the Coppertone Sunscreen for free as a Bzz agent, to try it and share my opinion.
It is 108 and the pool water is 82 degrees. School is out and the only place where we can survive AZ summers are in the pool.  I don't always know when or if we'll swim on certain days, but with the Clearly Sheer for Sunny days, I just put it on regardless because A: I don't smell like I just came from the beach while I'm just strolling the mall and B: it is not greasy at all and I can put it on under my make up.  If I want to swim, I'm covered and I don't feel sticky.  I still am very surprised at how smooth and non greasy it is, I've never ever had a lotion like that! Wow!!!
The Coppertone for the pool is great too. It penetrates super fast and there isn't a better way to get a quick good protection for the kids. But I can't say that I am impressed more than with other spray on lotions, it's the same concept and works great. We swam for 4 hours yesterday and we didn't reapply. No one got burned...again, it was 109 degrees (I know, I know, it's hotter than heck!!! but we'll survive, don't worry for us, we focus on Christma's 75 degrees).
So recap: a 100% YES on Coppertone Clearlysheer Sunscreens!!!

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May 10, 2013

Garnier Oil Free BB Cream

I got this product to try as a Bzz Agent, it was given to me for free and I am now giving it a review:  I absolutely love the product. The Garnier Oil Free BB cream was perfect for me. I'm not especially a full on make up kinda gall for every day living.  But, applying that cream was just like applying any other facial morning cream.  I used my fingers at first, but then it was a bit messy, just a little on the fingers. So I use a sponge now and it's perfect. It takes me about 30 seconds and it looks like I spent hours trying to make my complexion perfect. I like it much better than foundation for the fact that it feels just Healthy to me.  At night, if I'm lazy and forget to take off the little make up I put on, I don't panic.  It is not greasy at all and it's a great product for me!!! Love it, great job Garnier!!!!

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Mar 11, 2013

Good Morning...Stars!

I got to try Morningstar Veggie burgers by being a Bzzagent, for freeeeeee! Mine didn't quite look like this one here because I'm way too lazy to take the time, but doesn't that look good?
I actually really like Veggie burgers at home, not in a restaurant, where they know how to make a burger! But at home, I do NOT like the smell and look of burger meat, so Veggie burger is always a great alternative for moi. I popped this baby in the microwave for 1.5 minutes, put an English muffin in the toaster, then added a piece of good old American cheese, a tomatoe, lettuce, mayo and ketchup, and voila, it was delish to me.
I liked it mucho better than Bucco or whatever it is called. This burger looked like one, not like a frozeer burned hockey puck. It was not veggie mushy either. I enjoyed it.
4 stars from me, just not 5 because it's not a BigMac, let's not get carried away!

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Mar 8, 2013

Kroger Yogurt

I got another Bzzagent campaing to report about.  I was asked to try different yogurts from Kroger.
I tried 6 different kinds of yogurt, 4 Greeks and 2 Carbs ones. I didn't like any of them, I hated the texture of them and the after taste of fake sugar. I totally forgot I was supposed to get the milk too, I wish I had because I probably would have like it better.
I didn't taste a difference between the Carbs and the Greeks, excpet the Greek's texture was a bit more pasty.
I cannot recommend these to friends, I just do not like them at all!
I tried Vanilla Greek and it was my least hated of all of them, I still didn't finish it but the taste was good.
I give it 2 stars because: 1- I am usually pretty picky with my yogurts and only like Yoplait, so to all fairness, that is the reason I didn't like them
                           2- The actual taste of the product was matching the picture: green lime did taste like it, it was all about Texture for me!
Not a big hit, sorry!

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Dec 4, 2012

Afrin Nasal Spray

I receive Afrin about 2 weeks ago, through BzzAgents, to try it for free and give my opinion.
 Since it has been very cold here in the valley of the Sun, Arizona, I thought I'd never use it. HA! I though wrong! My immune system does not care if it's 80 or 20 degrees, I got a cold.  I have used nasal spray in the past. It always says not to use it more than 3 days or else, it will take longer to recover, and it's true. When I was pregnant with my last baby, I couldn't breath for 3 months, so nasal spray was my friend, I didn't care if I was "addicted" to it, breathing is kind of part of living, you know, especially when you're breathing for two. But since, I've used it only on rare occasions. I don't think anything works better than this nasal spray. I'd say other brands are comparable, but I hate it when they state that you it is good for 24 hours! If it says good for "this many hours", that only means that if it doesn't last that long, you can't have another dose! Afrin doesn't promise 24 hours, but lets me use it at most twice a day: for me, one little spray in the am lasted me all day, until bedtime where I wanted to breathe again and did one more spray in each nostrils.  After a couple of days, I was down to once a day, then to nothing once my cold was gone. It's idea. It doesn't burn, and there is NOTHING better in life than having that breathing fresh air again feeling! It's better than chocolate smothered deep fried twinkies! For one, no one can find Twinkies anymore and for two, if you can't breathe, you also can't taste anything!

Oct 10, 2012

Progresso Recipe Starters

My other Bzz Campaign is for Progresso Recipe Starters.  I chose one flavor and recieved it for free through Bzz Agent.  I chose this one :

They have different types, about 6 or so and you can get recipes here: http://progresso.com/RecipeStarters

I'm not a hamburger helper type of cook, but I love soups, so I thought that I could use this recipe starters to make my soup taste like the Fire roasted soup at Paradise Bakery.  I just used one can, plus an onion, a few celery sticks and a can of tomatoes (freshly canned by ME). Salt and pepper, pressure cooker then mixed with soup mixer.  No brain surgery. It was good soup, nothing much better than what you'd get using a can of tomato sauce with good spices.  I have seen a lot of people making all kinds of stuff with it, but again, I like my own things my own way, so I'd say this product is just not for me.  I don't even know how many stars to give it honestly, because the taste was good and the idea is probably good for the poor imaginative cooks out there.
And no, it was not close to Paradise's soup, but I can't say I spent hours thinking about this recipe, I kinda threw it all out there, which I think is the point of the quick recipe starters.

<img src="https://img.bzzagent.com/image/progresso.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=0669401449&Campaign=7699227665&Uid=1110488&token=bb1b437144242d7057d41ca5f703cf42" alt=""/>

Glade Expression Collection

I got another Bzz Campaing invite.  This time, it was for Glade Expression Collection.  I tried both product for free as a Bzz Agent.

I decided to get the pineapple Expression Oil for my house.  It has a wood type diffuser that looks really good with my wood furniture.  It is definitely not an eyesore, I wouldn't say it adds to the decor, but it is for sure much better looking than anything else out there. So I would give it a 5 stars for the aesthetics of it.
Now the smell, which is frankly the most important part of this product...looks is not everything, it's the inside that counts, we all know that :)
I found that it was not strong enough for a big room.  My house has a pretty open floor plan, so the only room where it would have done well would be in the half bathroom downstairs...but I wanted it in a main room.  The pineapple was good, I was just trying to find Cinnamon Apple or close to that, but no one carried that (not Walmart, Target or Kroeger).
Now onto the Fragrance Mist: I did find Cinnamon for that and I did buy more than one because it was a decent price. However, although I just finished the first one and it worked great, my new one does not work and I need to bring it back to the store.
The smell is great and the idea of hiding it behind a white simple container is great. I don't think we should be too embarrassed (as it states on one commercial or add) about seeing a spray in the bathroom, but some picky people who get embarrassed by the fact that poop smells will absolutely enjoy this style.
So 3 stars for both, the style is great, the smell nothing new and the functionality of it was flawed (not powerful enough for a big room for the Diffuser and not working on the Mist)

<img src="https://img.bzzagent.com/image/gladeExpressions.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=9365102339&Campaign=5855213675&Uid=1110488&token=e22a6257f1dc65e68791c5f9491ba454" alt=""/>